Long Term Care Consultation Expansion

Minnesota now has a single point of entry to long term care decision making and choice that can assist you.  During the 2011 Special Session of the Legislature, a new initiative was adopted that requires the Senior LinkAge Line® and Lead Agencies (counties, Tribes, and health plans) to expand access to Long Term Care Consultation to those entering a Registered housing with service setting. The service was updated as a result of the 2012 legislative session and includes changes. Read the legislative language, (Subd. 3c Consultation for housing with services.).

Thinking about moving to a Registered housing with services setting?

Since October 1, 2011 all people interested in entering a Registered housing with services setting, including those that are assisted living, should contact the single point of entry at 1-800-333-2433 before signing a lease. It is estimated that approximately 30,000 Minnesotans consider a move to a Registered housing with services settings per year.

Housing with Services settings are a helpful option for some people. They can offer an opportunity to get care and help with daily living in a home-like environment to people who cannot live independently in their own homes or who have no support to do so.  For those who do careful planning and can afford this option, it is a viable alternative to remaining in one's home. 

Individuals calling the Senior LinkAge Line® can learn more about all their options. When you call, you will talk with an expert. Together, you will:

  • Look at your current situation.

  • Consider your risk of needing services.

  • Find services that may be helpful to you.

  • Learn about financing options, Medicare and other resources. These resources might help you pay for any services you may need.

Once you get the counseling, you will receive a verification code that can be written down and also will be mailed to you.

Some people are exempt or may receive an exception to the requirement:

  1. People seeking lease-only arrangements in subsidized housing settings are exempt.  The Senior LinkAge Line® uses a broad definition for subsidized housing that includes all housing that is defined under federal law as “assisted housing” as well as housing funded through state tax credits.  People who use Housing Choice Section 8 vouchers are also exempted when seeking lease only arrangements.  People in subsidized housing settings or who have Housing Choice Section 8 vouchers should contact the Senior LinkAge Line® for Long Term Care Options Counseling and the verification code if they later sign service contracts with the registered housing with service provider.

  2. In addition, if you have already had a long term care consultation and/or are on a Medicaid long term care waiver program, you do not need to call for long term care options counseling.  Your case manager, county long term care consultant or health plan care coordinator can assist you.

  3. Individuals receiving or being evaluated for hospice services from a licensed hospice provider. 

  4. Consumers who have worked with a financial planner to develop a financial long-term care plan within 12 months of signing a lease or contract. 

a.    A long-term care plan is defined as a plan covering alternate decision maker in the event one is not able to make decisions for themselves in regards to financial or health care decision making.

b.    A plan for financing not including publicly funded programs, the rent and service costs for the registered housing with services setting or assisted living establishment.

c.    The developed long-term care plan must cover a period of 60 months.

  1. People who have moved into the registered housing with services outside of Senior LinkAge Line® business hours, including emergency admissions.

A number of the following documents and materials will be revised to reflect current legislative language. Please check back often for updates. All items are pdf unless otherwise noted.

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