Apply for a Regional or Local Dementia Grant

 Purpose:  Prepare Minnesota for Alzheimer’s disease by:

  • Increasing awareness of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias,
  • Increasing the rate of cognitive testing in the population at risk for dementias,
  • Promoting the benefits of early diagnosis of dementias and/or,
  • Connecting caregivers of persons with dementia to education and resources.

Request for Proposal (PDF)  - closed

Required Document for Proposals: Budget Template (Excel) 

How to apply: Via Email

Key dates: 

  • August 24 - Request for Proposal opens
  • September 9 - Responder’s Conference
  • September 30 - Submission deadline, Request for Proposal (closed)
  • October 1 - Application review begins
  • October 5 - Review committee meets to make recommendations
  • October 19 - Begin negotiating grant contracts
  • January 1 - FY 2016 grants begin

Nancy E. Lee
Minnesota Board on Aging
Phone: 651-431-4258

Proposal Development Resources

Implementation Technical Assistance Resources

  • Technical assistance during your project’s implementation is available from select entities. These entities have provided a short description of the type of services they have available to projects. Please review their descriptions here