2009 Senior Nutrition Task Force

In March 2009, the Minnesota Board on Aging was presented a Final Report from the 2008 Senior Nutrition Task Force.

The Minnesota Board on Aging (MBA) accepted the Nutrition Task Force report and its Priorities and Directions, and thanked and acknowledged the work of the participating members. The MBA also understands the committees formed from the Task Force will continue their work in the operational aspects of the program, including contract and data management and analysis.

In accepting the Report, the MBA understands that the Priorities and Directions will continue to be refined and made more specific.  In addition the MBA understands that more specific proposals particularly regarding new models of service delivery, modernizing the program through increased use of technology, and targeting will be presented to the MBA.  The MBA understands that the Task Force's work on these issues will continue with a report to the Board at the December 2009 meeting.

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April - August 2009
Contracts Workgroup: Finalized revised Nutrition RFP Template, 3 AAAs issued new RFPs
Data Workgroup: Implemented Bar Code Card Pilot at 3 sites

In July 2009, the Senior Nutrition Task Force was reinstated with new membership.  The Task Force will meet two times and report to the Board in early December 2009.

August 18, 2009

Odyssey Session:  Targeting Senior Nutrition Services – What does it mean?

Task Force Meeting
Age & Disabilities Odyssey Conference
Rochester, MN

September - October 2009
Discussion regarding Nutrition Program investments (memo)
Analysis of NAPIS data system options
AIM User Survey

October 23, 2009
Task Force Meeting
9:00 a.m. - noon
Whitney Senior Center
St. Cloud, MN

November 12, 2009
9:00 a.m. – noon
Videoconference training
Topics: participant assessment, NAPIS data collection/reporting and targeting
Participants: Area Agencies on Aging and Nutrition Providers

December 2009
Report to the MBA (pdf)

February 11, 2010
9:00 a.m. – noon
Topic: First Statewide Nutrition Program Review Meeting
Participants:  Area Agencies on Aging and Nutrition Providers

If you have any questions regarding the Senior Nutrition Task Force, please contact Kari Benson, MBA staff, at 651-431-2566 or kari.benson@state.mn.us.