Prevent Falls

If you or someone you know has fallen, you are not alone. Falls can happen anytime, anyplace and to anyone. Falls can occur while doing everyday activities.

Studies find that your chance of having a fall can be decreased by following simple suggestions and ideas. The ideas found on these webpages have been carefully selected as the most helpful to keep you independent. The ideas given are easy and not expensive.

Under the "Take Action" list are ways to do just that...take action. Click on the topic that is important to you.

Take action and prevent a fall. Share the action list with a family member or friend (Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Somali) (Lao) (Khmer) (Hmong) (pdf) and check out the falls prevention word find (pdf) and crossword puzzle (pdf). You can start now!

What if you do fall? Learn how to get up if you should fall.

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Attend a Community Class
Gain confidence and learn simple fall prevention strategies by attending A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls

Join A Matter of Balance

Learn more about A Matter of Balance workshops.


Move Your Body
Moving your body every day can help you feel better and enjoy life more. Being active gives you the energy you need to climb stairs and do household chores. It will help you stay flexible so you can wash your hair and tie your shoes.  Keep your body moving to stay independent.

Click here for easy tips to move your body (pdf)
(Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Somali) (Lao) (Khmer) (Hmong) (pdf)


Don't Be Swept Off Your Feet
Your feet get you where you need to go.  If your feet hurt, you will be less active, which could increase your risk of a fall.  Keep your feet healthy and stay right side up.

Click here for easy tips to keep your feet healthy (pdf)
(Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Somali) (Lao) (Khmer) (Hmong) (pdf)


Be Safe at Home
Most falls occur at home.  Stay safe and independent in your home by following these simple suggestions.

Click here for easy tips to stay safe in your home  (pdf)
(Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Somali) (Lao) (Khmer) (Hmong) (pdf)


Enjoy the Outdoors
Being outside in the fresh air can help you to feel good. When you step outside, give your eyes time to adjust to the outdoor light. Wear sunglasses year round to reduce glare and see well. Stay safe by using your cane or walking aid.

Click here for easy tips to stay safe outdoors (pdf)
(Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Somali) (Lao) (Khmer) (Hmong) (pdf)


Eye Can See Clearly Now
Everyone's vision changes with age. As you get older your eyesight may become less clear, it may take longer to adjust to light and dark, and distance and depth become harder to judge. These changes can happen gradually and you might not always notice them.

Click here for easy tips to see clearly  (pdf)
(Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Somali) (Lao) (Khmer) (Hmong) (pdf)


Know Your Medications
Medications are used to help us feel better and can be any prescription medicine, vitamins, herbal supplements, or over-the-counter remedies you buy at the drugstore.  Some medicines or combinations of medicines have side effects that make you feel drowsy, dizzy, or light-headed.  These may cause you to lose your balance or feel unsteady on your feet. 

Click here for easy tips (pdf)
(Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Somali) (Lao) (Khmer) (Hmong) (pdf)